IMPACT, Acrylic on Yoga Mat, 26x71
IMPACT, Acrylic on Yoga Mat, 26x71


Revealing the Radiance Within

You have arrived.
Called into Being by the Intelligence of this universe.

Your celestial body, created from elements that were formed in ancient stars, designed to embody your Essence, here on Earth. Unfathomable forces orchestrated the living organism that you experience life from...your human body. The primal energy and light of this existence breathes through you, in trillions of atoms and cells. Your body, vast and made of mostly empty space, orbits around all the other stardust-composed bodies, moving in orchestrated celebration. It is the presence of this light of breath that inspires me to create acrylic paintings on canvas that express It, from Itself to Itself.

Visions of Origin is a name that has been given to the paintings that come through me, as they are visions of the primal radiance and light that has birthed each one of us. Each human being is a physically manifested Vision, birthed from this same radiance and Origin, projecting and emanating the universe we live within. This universe, in turn, is expressing itself as Human Being; it is not something separate and "out there" - it is closer than our own breath.

Imagine, if we experientially knew that the unfathomable energy and power of our star, the Sun, is literally in our hands, that the inexplicably dynamic aliveness of the heart of the galaxy, actually pulses within each of our hearts. How different would our lives be if we all knew, each moment of each day that the intelligence and force that drives our cells to regenerate and our blood to flow is also orchestrating EVERY aspect of our lives and the flow of our life circumstances, no matter what it looks like. Every person, EVERY person is infinitely wealthy, simply because they exist! It is the raw Intelligence, material and energy we were fabricated from and that breathes us alive, that has determined our infinite worth!

It is this intimate Union of matter and energy, that we all represent, that I am driven to express the vibration of, through my paintings. We are born from primal light, in every moment. We emerge from and within the sheer radiance of this existence, in every moment.

You are a citizen of this universe, in the most grand way. You carry its energy, particles, elements and light, wherever you go, with each step, in every encounter.

It You.