An event of quantum magnitudes, orchestrated by the Self, penetrating deep into unknown realms of vast proportions all for the sake of becoming more intimate with the ecstatic Origins of Being. Through conscious, active surrender, the person in this image is experiencing the beauty and power of their own Presence, which surpasses all identities and self-awareness of the mind, into the Reality of Beingness. This individual IS the alignment of their core vibration, through all the changing colors of their emotions, life circumstances and relationships. They are the alignment, which guides their life, they rise...heart open and mind free. The electric currents and waves that flow from the sanctuary of this individual's heart to the temple of their mind are filaments of intelligence which support the grace and tremendous channeling and flow of their signature frequency through their psyche, body, energy and consciousness.

All these comprise their whole experience, in body,  on Earth and in the physical universe,
as the Ambassador of their own Light.

*Prints available at 24”x30” on canvas or fine-art paper.

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