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Visions of Origin Energy Sessions are an opportunity to experience a guided meditation, led by Mykal that is specifically tailored to what is alive in you at this time. If there is a challenging issue you are facing, a desire that you are wanting to manifest or if you are simply needing an experience of coming home to your self and your heart, to drop into the peace that is always here for you. You will be met and guided with presence, in a compassionate, uplifting space.


  • Connect to your own inner presence and energetic intelligence
  • Experience peace
  • Dissolve negative emotions and stress
  • Gain clarity and guidance
  • Open to the more of who you are

Energy Sessions are 50 minutes and are facilitated by phone.



“I felt completely at ease in Mykal’s presence. With his guidance I was able to connect to unconscious
emotions and energies that allowed me to heal and connect to more of who I am.
He is heart centered and present. The perfect combination for healing!”

-Monica Loren

"Mykal's presence evokes an effortless and vast, deep, soothing sense of peace. He has a natural and remarkable gift in attuning to the client's needs as they emerge moment by moment and intuitively facilitating the space where healing happens spontaneously or gradually through the client's connection to their own Energetic Intelligence. His sessions can be so profound at times, that while one may think they know this space through prior meditation practice, they may be surprised to meet more expansive, intimate and ever unfolding aspects of this Intelligence. I believe that Mykal's pure and compassionate presence, his life's work and decades of experience, are behind his ability to guide and support this unique state of Being- of self solidifying a deep and healing communing with Other. I highly recommend his inspired sessions to anyone wishing to explore their Origin and embrace their birthright of empowered potential!"

-Andreea G. Petruse


Energy Session: $162 (Discounted Price)

Payments accepted via Paypal

24 hour cancellation policy

To book your Energy Session, send a message using the form below or to and mention Collaborations with Spirit in order to receive your discount.