Energy Centers

Your Centers of Origin

You as an Energy Center with multiple radiant spheres of light within your body, supporting every aspect and level of your life experience, are an infinitely loved miracle of creation. The paintings below are a reflection and activation of the specific energy centers within the body, which are primordial elements of your multidimensional unfolding, embodying itself as you. Living light, flowing through you, centered within you…in infinite space.


Your centers of origin, the breath of life, informing your unique expression into physical reality, unfold patterns of energy and consciousness,
embodied here in this space of now…ignited as the radiance of you.


It is utterly profound that you exist.

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Heart Center represents the sanctuary of the heart and the luminous peace that emanates from its core. The formations of light surrounding the star in the center are supporting and holding space for an expansive heart opening experience, coming home to and vibrationally aligning with one's true self. The undulating field of waves in the background are glowing with the energy of unconditional love.



Solar Center depicts the radiant flow and stream of life-giving fire essence that blazes throughout your entire being, from within your core. It expresses your birthright to act on the momentum of your own truth, to express and direct your energy into physical form. Shine, beloved one, you were born for this. You are the purpose. As you are, all of your power is within you.

36 x 48 Acrylic on Canvas, 2006


Sacral Center depicts deep energetic waves flowing from your essence, inviting intimate communion with your own being. Vibrational intelligence flowing from your true self, carrying energetic messages and signals through your nervous system and body. Nurturing light, calling you deeper into yourself, from your pelvic center, inviting you home in your luminous body. Thought and feeling, coming together within you, to create new, expansive life.

36 x 48 Acrylic on Canvas, 2006


Root Center depicts the eternal still point in the center of your being, which magnetizes and generates all life and energy, from pure possibility to physical actualization. It also expresses your birthright to exist and take up space.

You are born from silence, in an infinite space of nothing and everything at once, right here…the constant, foundational presence of existence, living within you.